Interior Decorating

Interior Decorating is one of those things that most people have a IMG_6675go at.

Whether it is external fixtures or colours, the painting of an internal room, floor coverings, tile
selections for the bathroom or wet areas, light fittings, taps selections, furniture, rugs and cushions, pictures on the wall and where to hang them, or possibly pieces of art and where to place them, people generally all have a go.

But they often get it wrong.

Most of us most of the time can recognise when it’s done well, but few can actually bring it about and make it happen.

From my experience those who have “it”, and are able to make it happen are generally those who
have a natural talent and gift for decorating. Certainly, I’ve heard┬ámany people say quite clearly that they have no idea how to decorate or even how to select the basics like furniture, rugs, pictures and IMG_6682the like. They have gifts and talents in other directions, but not in being able to decorate and put things together in an appealing way.

Your home is something that is seen by many, and is, in a sense, an advertisement of who you are. You need to get it right.

Of course, we are much more than the goods and chattels around us, but we all make judgments about each other and part of those opinions are based on what’s around us.

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