Services Offered

Services Offered

1. Decorating

Whether it is a room at a time, or undertaking a major renovation or a new build, you need to get it right because the pain of regret is too great if you don’t get it right!

2. Simple advice on how to make rooms and areas look more appealing

If you simply want advice on what to do and how to make the space more attractive and becoming, then I can give that advice.

3. Staging your home for Sale

You know as well as I do that first impressions count. Your house has been your haven and your sanctuary and you’ve loved it, but the stranger coming into your home has no attachment to it. They take it on face value. Therefore, it is absolutely important that it presents well and is pleasing to the eye. I also understand that most people can’t see past the furniture & effects in a house to see how their own furniture and goods might fit. It is again important that it be set up in such a way that it allows others to see the home’s integral character and features clearly.

4. De-cluttering.

You’ve probably seen it as well as I have. Maybe it’s just been a slow conglomeration of things over time, but in the end, it gets congested and becomes overwhelming!

5. Sifting, Sorting & Packing

Yes, we can do it all…with professional expertise, respect and the utmost care.
Discuss your needs with us:
Downsizing – moving to a smaller place and need someone to handle it all?
Estate Clearances i.e. Finalising an Estate?.. and have no time to handle it all? Allow us to help?
We handle the clearing, cleaning & detailing of the home & selling it.
Yes, we treat it as if it were our own!